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Start with everything/nothing

End with nothing/everything


I’ve always had an interest and fascination for outdoor sports and with this also the interest for traveling and mobility. I’m always caught by images of fully loaded bikes in Peking or the amazing constructions on the backs of Sherpas in Nepal. But most of all the changes that take place within mobility.


Start with everything/nothing - End with nothing/everything


These sentences were the starting point of the research. It is all about the changing number of items that happen through our daily routines. Changing every moment when something gets taken with or left behind. Each object within the collection had its own starting point. The collection consists of different types of containers that are adaptable to their contents. They can all be specified according to the number of items that you are carrying. And this will determine the shape and volume of the container.


Privacy and concealment of our personal belongings have always played a role in mobility. This also takes part in the collection. Because what would happen when you show everything you carry? When it is shown as an expression of your daily routine just as we do with our clothes. And what happens when everything including your body and clothes is concealed from the outside world?


I wanted to design these complete opposites as equals next to each other. Because both are about carrying but have a different layer behind it. Just as our items do, a small shell can carry a memory that is just as valuable to you as your passport. But we are never afraid to show that we have that shell with us, but we are to show off something like a passport.


All the designs on the textiles are printed on Nylon Ripstop fabric. This is a sport technical fabric which I wanted to use for its characteristics. Such as waterproof, lightweight, fold able and translucent. For the design of the textile patterns, I was inspired by my first round of 3D sketches in which I used bright colored materials and by the Memphis period in the 90’s.



Start with nothing/everything

End with everything/nothing




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